Our Quality Objectives

3GS remain committed to maintaining a reputation of “Quality not Quantity” and fairness in everything we do in the enforcement industry by ensuring our HR staff uphold our high standards throughout the recruitment process. This includes obtaining work and character references, DBS checking and/or SIA checking.

Our objective is to provide officers of impeccable standard, capable of meeting the Clients specification and requirements, compliant with prevailing legislation and within agreed service levels. To achieve this, 3GS operates stringent quality procedures.

Quality principles are attained by:


Management Responsibility

3GS Management Team is responsible for maintaining quality standards through conducting regular performance reviews or appraisals and providing training in line with staff needs. The Management Team will support processes that make it as easy as possible for all stakeholders to make complaints, provide feedback, make constructive suggestions and recognise good service.

The quality principles and any related targets/objectives will be communicated to staff through day-to-day management, formal review meetings and annual appraisals. Training will also be an integral part of the strategy to achieve quality policy objectives.

Management meetings are held at regular intervals (quarterly) and regular agenda items include resources, recruitment team reviews (against set Key Performance Indicators), and new/existing business.

Authority and Responsibility

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for quality but all employees are expected to be responsible for the quality of the service within their direct responsibility.


Management Reviews and Internal Audits

It is the intention of 3GS, in every contract, to provide a greater level of audit, performance management and performance shortfall rectification capability by ensuring the HR Officer, Regional Managers, and Managing Director are available at any time throughout any contract.

The HR Officer and Compliance Officer will conduct regular internal audits to ensure that 3GS management and staff:


Internal audit documents will clearly identify the contents of the audit and how the results will be determined and monitored. Further to the completion of the audit, the audit report will be issued, complete with any corrective actions that are required. It is imperative that the corrective actions are completed within the agreed timescale.

Client Reviews and Feedback or Complaints

Levels of client satisfaction will be monitored and reviewed on a six monthly basis in order to identify trends and opportunities for continuous improvement. Records will be kept of any adverse feedback or criticisms to ensure trends do not form. Any service issues will be raised and dealt with operationally on a day-to-day basis, however there may be occasions when a particular issue needs to be raised and handled formally. Formal complaints will be logged, recorded and resolved using the formal Complaints policy. Offender complaints will be thoroughly investigated and recorded. Adverse complaints against Officers may lead to disciplinary action or even dismissal through gross misconduct.

This Quality Management policy will be reviewed in line with legislation or annually, whichever is soonest.