Environmental Policy - General 

3GS (UK) Limited, part of the Red Snapper Group (RSG) is committed to excellence in all aspects of its business.  This includes environmental protection, which is considered to be an integral part of our operations. 3GS (UK) Limited regards Government legislation and the Company policy as minimum standards, which should be improved upon wherever it is reasonable to do so. 
It is recognised that environmental protection is essential to the well-being of staff, the local population, the general public and the natural habitat of wildlife and will do our best to protect them.
The company accepts that it has a duty of care as producers of waste to ensure that those acting on behalf of the Company for waste disposal are competent to do so, discharge their own duties correctly and are able to prove this by means of the appropriate documentation and checks. 
3GS (UK) Limited has adopted a policy to ensure that it recycles waste whenever it is reasonable to do so and are constantly striving to set the standards against which others may benchmark.  The Company waste management plan will be used to achieve this. Our suppliers and customers will also be encouraged to adopt the best possible environmental practices. 
In adopting this policy 3GS (UK) Limited commits to the provision of the requisite resources, priorities and training to fulfil its obligations.  In commending this policy to employees, the Company seeks to encourage a full sense of shared responsibility for the protection of the environment.
3GS (UK) Limited is a specialist environmental enforcement and education business and delivers services to local authorities in the UK. It does not manufacture goods – which reduces its potential impact on the environment. 
As a Company it does not: 

As a Company it does: 

At the company location provision is made for the following: 


Environmental Statement

“It is the goal of 3GS (UK) Limited to be an environmentally responsible company and to limit the impact we make on the environment in our day-to-day business and decision-making.”

3GS (UK) Limited - Waste Strategy

The Company aims to follow the governments "Making Waste Work" policy framework for waste management.  As part of this aim the Company endeavours to: 

Description of Waste

All waste must be accurately described should they be considered to consist of anything other than normal office / kitchen waste.  The description may be part of the transfer note if simple, but can be a separate document.  The description must enable the person receiving it to understand the nature of it and any hazards associated with it. 


Transfer of waste

Waste is only to be transferred to an authorised person as defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  An authorised person can be defined as: 

The authorised person should be able to produce a certificate of registration issued by the Environment Agency.  Waste is not to be consigned unless the certificate (not a photocopy) is examined and found to be in order. 

Waste Contracts

Waste contracts should include a clause which allows termination should the duty of care be breached by others in the chain.
If a breach of contract is suspected the facts must be checked and if substantiated the Environment Agency must be informed. 
Responsibility for the company’s environmental performance is as follows: 

Environmental Warden

The Health and Safety Officer will carry out the duties of environmental/energy warden.  This will involve random checks on work areas to ensure that Lights/PCs etc. are not left on after staff has gone home.  This will ensure that there is no electricity wastage and unnecessary environmental impact. This will also form part of Fire Marshal duties ensuring that items that could create a fire risk are not left on. 

Environmental Committee

An environmental committee will meet at least 6 monthly to discuss ways to improve the environmental efficiency of the company. 
The Company will work towards the level required for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System as part of its Health and Safety audits and procedures.